Dirke and Lorna Johnson

The whole gang June 2020
Outpouring of the Spirit – March 2023
outpouring of Spirit

Click Outpouring to read about the spiritual revival at Asbury as well as the life changes from the SuperBowl outreach and a visit to us by one of our Ivory Coast national leaders.

Full Speed Forward – January 2023

Lorna return from surgery

Click here to read of Lorna’s recovery from spinal surgery, Dirke’s ministering with staff in the Ivory Coast and family pics over the holidays!

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2022 Our Family to Yours!
xmas card pic'22



4 thoughts on “Dirke and Lorna Johnson

  1. Greetings Dirke and Lorna,
    I received your Sept/Oct letter yesterday. Thank you for sending it. I very much look forward to receiving the communications from you two. We have been friends for so long that it seems like you are almost family. I was introduced to Dirke 46 years ago. I have greatly enjoyed seeing how God has blessed your efforts through the years.

    Just wanted you to know that I have the capability to receive your communications via email and than can print them out on my printer in order to save the cost of envelopes and postage. “giroberts35@gmail.com” is my email address. Either way, I hope the communications continue.

    Glen Roberts

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    1. Great hearing from you Glen. Good to have your email address. No problem in sending it hard copy. We are getting our printing done for free. Sometimes our electronic letter is a little different so I can send you both. Hope next summer we can get down to see all the ones we know in Texas.

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  2. Hi Dirke and Lorna I recently received “Reaching a New Generation.” I must say it is powerful and the Lord is doing a great work. As always, it is good to you two and that growing family!!! Pam and I, God willing, will be in Orlando in the later part of April. We are hoping to look you up during our visit.

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    1. Hi Ron, so good to hear from you. That would be great to see both you and Pam. Definitely call us up.
      We’d love to have you over for a meal or catch up over a cup of coffee. Let us know in advance so that we can make sure we can see you.


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