A Virus Worse than COVID

Virtually every news story relates in some way to the effects of COVID-19. The news feels suffocating. The death numbers mount and positive tests accelerate. CNN reported in mid-April that for every positive case, there are thirty-five Americans who have lost their jobs, while many more have been restricted to work from home. No oneContinue reading “A Virus Worse than COVID”

Dirke’s blog – Thanksgiving reveals our proximity to Jesus!

You’re visiting at Auntie’s home. She gives your child a treat. What do you say? Every parent knows the routine. “What do you tell Auntie, honey?” We work hard at trying to get our children to understand the importance of saying, “Thank You.” We all too often know the feeling of doing something for someoneContinue reading “Dirke’s blog – Thanksgiving reveals our proximity to Jesus!”