A Full Summer!

We left Orlando, July 8th in our Toyota Corolla and returned 7,300 miles later on Monday, Aug. 29th. We visited 46 singles/families, not counting all the people we saw during our week-long national conference in Milwaukee, spoke at three churches, attended a special reunion of our former students in Detroit during the 1980’s, Dirke led a day-long ministry workshop, found time to see my brothers inContinue reading “A Full Summer!”

Anything Worth Believing is Worth Questioning

On Easter Dirke shared, “Anything worth believing is worth questioning.”  Jesus welcomes our doubts about His resurrection. Why did Jesus wait 8 days to reveal himself to Thomas? Click this link to watch Dirke’s 12min. portion of the Easter message. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpB5wvnoEoA&t=3s