Anything Worth Believing is Worth Questioning

On Easter Dirke shared, “Anything worth believing is worth questioning.”  Jesus welcomes our doubts about His resurrection. Why did Jesus wait 8 days to reveal himself to Thomas? Click this link to watch Dirke’s 12min. portion of the Easter message.         

4 Questions 4 Easter!

“It’s Easter and I have nothing to wear.” Ever said that? No, I can’t say I have, but, that comes as no surprise to my wife or anyone else who knows me. “Fashion consciousness” has never been one of my strengths. But I have heard that sentiment expressed many times during this time of year.Continue reading “4 Questions 4 Easter!”

Dashed Expectations

On Palm Sunday Jesus rides into Jerusalem with palms waving and hundreds of cheering fans certain that he was the Messiah who would set Israel free from Roman rule. They were ready to crown him King because they were convinced he was about to make what was all wrong, all right! But on that originalContinue reading “Dashed Expectations”