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Dirke Johnson has a doctorate in Church Leadership and is a professor for the Ministry Degree program at Palm Beach Atlantic University. He also teaches at Cru’s Institute of Biblical Studies and specializes in Leader Development, creating high performing teams. He has years of experience at ministering in urban cross-cultural and international contexts.

A Virus Worse than COVID

Virtually every news story relates in some way to the effects of COVID-19. The news feels suffocating. The death numbers mount and positive tests accelerate. CNN reported in mid-April that for every positive case, there are thirty-five Americans who have lost their jobs, while many more have been restricted to work from home. No one could have dreamed being denied their most common freedoms. The most unnerving is that we don’t know when this nightmare will end. It’s not surprising then, that another widespread virus has swept the nation, infecting more than even COVID-19. Read More

Misapplying Matthew 18:15-17

For many years I misunderstood this passage. Still today in many respected commentaries and Bible study guides1 this passage is framed quite differently than what Jesus taught which was according to accepted historical Jewish law. Read more

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New Opportunities

See the NEW OPPORTUNITIES God has provided us in ministry. Hear about J.A.M. Camp, homeless outreaches and teaching new missionaries to reach a new generation for Christ!

All Things NEW!

A new president for Cru, a new grandchild and a new book! Check out the exciting NEW happenings: All Things New – October 2020

A Critical Spirit

I have a neighbor I call, Critical-Cathy. If it’s not someone’s yard that isn’t quite right, it’s a trash can left out too long, or too much noise the night before. She greeted me the morning after I had purchased a sporty-looking red Toyota Corolla. “I see you got a new car,” she said withContinue reading “A Critical Spirit”

Managing . . .

Checkout how Dirke & Lorna has been managing life & ministry during COVID-19. Hear a great message on Managing Your Mind by Dirke and see some great pics of family time in the Twin Cities in June. Managing . . .

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