Dirke’s blog – Thanksgiving reveals our proximity to Jesus!

You’re visiting at Auntie’s home. She gives your child a treat. What do you say? Every parent knows the routine. “What do you tell Auntie, honey?” We work hard at trying to get our children to understand the importance of saying, “Thank You.” We all too often know the feeling of doing something for someoneContinue reading “Dirke’s blog – Thanksgiving reveals our proximity to Jesus!”

Dirke’s Blog – An Amazing Divine Encounter

Have you ever had those seemingly random encounters with a stranger where God opens up an unexpected conversation and uses you to minister and encourage someone in the Lord? I sure have. Whether it’s entering into a discussion with someone sitting next to me in an airplane, or at a coffee shop, you never knowContinue reading “Dirke’s Blog – An Amazing Divine Encounter”

Dirke’s Blog – Catching the Music!

One of my most enjoyable privileges in teaching is to help our ministry and missionary students fall in love with God’s Word and ultimately Himself. In Interpreting the Bible class I emphasize more than good interpreting principles. I help students see the Scriptures as one story by one author, the Holy Spirit. It’s an adventureContinue reading “Dirke’s Blog – Catching the Music!”

Dashed Expectations

On Palm Sunday Jesus rides into Jerusalem with palms waving and hundreds of cheering fans certain that he was the Messiah who would set Israel free from Roman rule. They were ready to crown him King because they were convinced he was about to make what was all wrong, all right! But on that originalContinue reading “Dashed Expectations”